Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bees, the BBC and the obvious but obscured truths about food production

Just watched a docu on the BEE BEE SEE about bees and the massive die-offs of bees everywhere except Autralia.

It’s really obvious, to me at least, that the single most important factor in this occurrence, and in many other similar ‘events’ throughout nature HAS GOT TO BE the kinds of human interventions that tend to undermine natural resilience, which is founded on bio-diversity …. variety is the spice of life, so to speak, and when humans monocrop for profit, on a huge scale, the natural resilience and variety is destroyed....

Nature is a huge ineteraction of trillions upon trillions of creatures and plants, with no hierarchy other than that which human beings of the ‘civilised... Read more’ sort project onto it…(we project our own ideas onto others, because we have an inability to see others as they see themselves).

Thus messing around with something that works (nature definitely works, which is the strength of permaculture) is utterly stupid, and pretending that we are somehow ‘more intelligent’ than that which makes us is hubris of the worst sort.

We (industrial civilisation as is) are to nature as Tony Blair is to Iraq, Education and Spirituality.. and we brag about it….

Somethings got to give, and unless we revert to localised food production, and in ways that rebuild natural diversity, and fast, we are seriously and possibly fatally compromising our very existence.

There have been a few other programmes on the BBC which show how food production has changed since the end of World War II, when the Pharmaceutical Industry switched from killing people to killing bugs and plants - the same chemicals are used to 'fertilise' crops as were used to make bombs - and what nobody mentions is that the HUGE profits that the Pharmaceutical Companies made out of the war (while everybody else near starved on rations) allowed them to expend huge efforts to lobby Governments excessively so as to promote their chemcials as the 'green revolution', which has led inexorably to Monsanto, GMOs and patented seeds etc etc... and has been the cause of massive toxicity in our foods, our soils, our waters and also placed us in a very vulnerable position as food growing is ever more concentrated if fewer and fewer hands (only 1400 dairy farmers left in the UK.....!).

Keep on blowing the trumpet for local growing and eating. It’s the only tune that nature knows… apart from some species that travel to food such as some whales, great white sharks, birds etc etc….

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