Friday, 10 April 2009

Fuedalsim, Capitalism, Socialism : all kackered - whats next?

A Guardian Article, entitled We need a bigger shift,

prompted me to write this. I like it. I thinks it's rather good.

A number of things spring to mind.

1. Top down organisation does not work for the majority.

2. Nature and children's learning are based upon self-organising systems. Our bodies are self-organising systems, as are forests, coral reefs etc etc.

3. Happiness is the only currency of a life worth living. Unhappiness is rife and on the increase. As evinced by the facts : 25% of Americans on anti-depressants, at least once in their lives. 20% in the UK. And rising. Even amongst children!

4. Ideologies can never deal with reality, because they are always an imposition upon reality.

5. Common-sense wisdom is under-rated in the current paradigm of top down management.

6. The Power Inquiry showed how 'ordinary' folk would, if given the chance, redesign democracy, at least as far as the UK is concerned, so that the grass roots (those who pay the bills, and foot the bill, so to speak) make the decisions and the civil service, serves, civilly. Or gets fired.

7. The future emerges from the behaviour of the present, in the same way the overall intelligence of an ant colony emerges from the behaviour of it's constituent ants. Day by day the little ants do their thing, and before ya know it there's a huge city, perfect in every way!

8. A sea change in our behaviour is required. One that is emergent, not dictated by 'experts', Utopians or 'leaderships'.

9. Ownership of society is properly innate to all of us.

10. Growing as much of your own food as possible, in yer own patch or collectively, is really, really healthy. And fun!

11. Mix that lot up, and lets see what transpires ( and perleeeeease! lets put down the WMD, shall we? They are soooo last century!)

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