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G20 : What it means to me

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. or I must not fool myself, and I am the easiest person to fool!Justify Full

Here's my angry look at the 'whole picture', in no particular order :

1. Policy and Policing is 'Force Majeur' in the context of the incidents at G20. The following is offered in support of this contention.

2. Police have never been mandated, other than as lip service, with anything other than protecting the state. The 'peelers' were 'invented' to keep the streets of parts of London clear of beggars. Safe for the new emerging middle classes and their lordships.

They exist today because most people would not accept troops on our streets. This is historical fact. That some volunteeer for 'good' reasons eg to protect the public etc etc is merely a reflection in the quality and depth of conditioning in our society.

3.a. Police arrests following public incidents are notorious for bias, falsified evidence. I am Irish, I came over here in '79. I was treated like Islamic people are treated today. I was under surveillance. I was 'interviewed' by Special Branch. I was regularily insulted by English people. I was a 'paddy'. I was and am innocent of any indictable crime against the state.

The Majority of people arrested in the UK for Irish Bombing Campaigns in the 70s vand 80s were eventually released, not guilty! Quality policing at work! Yeah Right!

Most cases against so-called 'Islamic Fundamentalists' have failed. Why?

4. Thinking we have freedoms and comparing those freedoms to the brutality of Dictatorships (who for the most part are put in place by the same ECONOMIC POWER that controls our society - JP MORGAN = PINOCHET, UNITED FRUIT murdered ALLENDE, Standard OIL/BP and THE CIA placed Saddam Huissein in power etc ect) is part of the control system that we take on. Hook, line and sinker.

Ask yourself why is Tony Blair paid to 'advise' JP Morgan Chase and UBS, the largets Banks in the world, who are buying smaller banks at a rate of knots, with taxpayer money given to smaller Banks that have ' toxic assets' - ie: loans they owe to the likes of UBS and JP MOrgan Chase : What possible 'advice' could that craven man offer the worlds financial experts?

Why is Tony BLair a paid consultant to the Columbian Government of Uribe? What could he offer to a Policital leader, Uribe, whose hands are red with blood, the blood of campesinos, students and people who work at grass roots to oppose POWER.

5. 'Our' Police, the MET in particular, have at least four recorded cast iron requests to investigate the war crimes of the UK Cabinet, which they are deliberately blocking. Policy is Force Majeur. We are talking about the murder of millions of people, and the plundering of an entire nation, facillitated by OUR GOVERNMENT. And we pay the Governments bills. AND THE POLICE PROTECT THEM.

6. Following illegal orders is still a criminal act. Nuremberg. The International Criminal Court Act 2001 (England)

7. The Banking crisis is pure fraud. The same people have been revolving from Government to Banking/Finance and back again, undermining regulation, the lining their own pockets, allowing corrupt practices to flourish. Tony Blairs jobs for UBS and JP Morgan Chase are PAY-OFFS for following Instructions... These are not seperate events to the G20, but part and parcel. Google LIAR LOANS for a quick deconstruct of the so-called sub-prime crisis.

8. POLICY IS FORCE MAJEUR! And policing is the enforcement of policy, which ever way you look at it.

9, The South American peasants have managed to take back power in a few countries. Mostly peacefully. However, and this is the caveat, they were willing to stay on the streets, to campaign, to face down the troops and riot police, many died in the process, they continued in spite of the forces pitted against them, to build grass roots community from the poorest sectors of society upwards...

the South Americans are building their future upon the welfare of the poorest..... and upon a solid understanding of the forces ranged against their interests.... both of which are sadly lacking in the UK....

10. APPEALING TO POWER REAFFIRMS POWER. And thus far, the main public strategy of the mainstream campaign groups leadership has been to appeal. To petition. To follow the lead of the Intellectuals, the state sanctioned Scientists, the Media and the Politicians, rather than set the agenda, rather than start to build at grass roots the solutions - why wait for Government when you can build permaculture NOW - Climate Campers have taken successful direct action, and many are involved in grass roots work. Thats why they got hammered. They are winning the discussion! Thats why they got hammered at g20.

The RBS incident was a set-up. It set the condtitions for the hammering the Climate Camp peacefully edured. NOW THOSE ARE STRONG SOULS!

10.a Ask yourselves why have the largest mainstream campaigns largely ignored the poorest in England; they have avoided the Poor, (2 million families living in relative poverty in the UK) the Muslim community, (apart for the anti-war groups) the Black Community, The Sikh Community, The Christian Community, The Children in our Schools, the elders....... I may be wrong, but I see none of these constituent groups being involved deeply in policy making in these campaigns.

11. The only way to deal with power is to take it back, and we have mechanisms to do that, though only just...

Power is not a parlour game, it is a war. And since we don't have the weapons, nor do we have the stomach for violence (which is fine by me) then we must use intelligence, craft, guile and an unbelievable stubborness to retreive POWER as communities. And that means grass roots.

THE POLICE and THE ARMY are not GRASS ROOTS - they are the visible hand of force in this land, and anyone who misses that is either willfully ignoring the honest history of this land, or living in a fairie tale of their own making : neither of which will do anything for the future of our chidren, for which we are ALL RESPONSIBLE.

For those that want to understand the nature of that Force, of Agent Provocateurs, of resistance to grass roots changes by UK Governments and the depths to which they are prepared to go, please read EP Thompsons "The Making of The English Working Class".... without it you are blind. Or Geiorge Monbiots Captive State'... order them vis your local libraray, read them and leave them for othjers to find.

I am appalled at the willigness of so many of my contemporaries to watch media movies, to take jet-set holidays, seek healing, talk to their animal spirits, devote huge amounts of energy to 'spiritual practices' etc etc and NOT ENGAGE WITH A deep and PROFOUND analysis of the FACTS of our time, our history,

Comments I have heard time and time again indicate that most people seem to have very little detailed knowledge of what has been happening, and is happening, here and in places far away, that has been driven by our culture. None of this info is 'hidden'. If you wish to learn, its' all there.

It's not my job to do all that for anyone else. It is my role to share what I have learned and ask that YOU LOOK AT THE SHIT with me! If you don't I will not stop. Thats no longer an option available to me. I have children to think about! Many of us do.

It's almost as if many, many people DO NOT WANT TO LOOK SQUARELY at the harshest realities, in the hope that some alien or god or other will come along and sort it all out!


Only facing FACTS will bring any possibility of change. Because the FACTS drive action that works.


For those of you with a few quid to spare, I highly reccomend Naomi Kleins work " The Shock Doctrine!" just so you can catch up on the detail OF THE PROCESS UNDERWAY, .....away from 'conspiracy' theories and Alien Saviours heralded by ancient societies as discovered and interpreted by westerners who publish books that make one feel good and do nothing...... and begin to understand what is happening and what is rapidly becoming a toxic farce. 2012 my arse!

Her website is helpful :

in a word, shit or get off the pot, folks!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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