Saturday, 4 April 2009

G20 protests and leassons to learn

What we need to learn from the G20 demonstrations and the reality of POWER and how it induces violence…. to it’s own ends.

The leadership of all the campaigns have a tough nut to crack. And a severe weakness.

It is their willingness to continue to appeal to POWER to change (not going to happen), their love of the media circus, the big event with impressive speeches etc etc and their apparent unwillingness to go out and meet and work with the everyday folk of our society.

Those whose views and real concerns, whose issues are most often ignored to a large extent by mainstream media, and certainly by Government, local and national, and to share with these people the campaigns learning’s, aspirations and concerns, and to listen too; to work much more vigorously at the grassroots levels, as do the South Americans, away from the attention of media and ‘charidees‘ and big name NGOs, in housing estates, in deprived areas, in inner cities, in small town estates, and in the schools in these areas, to show people skills they can use to become self-reliant and independent, to grow food, to develope credit unions, local community organisations, to share skills that help one to live well on what little there is, thus to use perm culture, to use natural health care, to use co-counselling, to use conflict resolution and to help to heal the wounds of their brothers and sisters who for the most party are the volunteers in our Army, who have been sent under false pretences, by the elites, the managers, to kill other poor people, and so on, effectively to side step Local and National Government as it is and deal directly with the poorest people, who are the ones who bear the hardest burdens of all.

These people have the right, as well as the ability, given time, and resources, to do the research needed for any decision making process to be effective, to set the agenda for their areas, and to select candidates for local governance from their own communities, away from current partisan political structures.

The campaigns should focus on facilitating that right. On taking power back from the hierarchy, and devolving it to the local communities, who are intelligent, common-sense people of great heart, who are stereotyped in ALL MEDIA….

No longer can political parties or others such groupings be permitted to determine policy and then offer that - real people must determine policy, and then select those who will facilitate that policy. And have the right to oversight and recall procedures as and when necessary.

The campaigns must reach out too to all children and not attempt to condescendingly inform, but to listen. It is their future we are discussing here. Children have a deeper understanding of things and a far greater comprehension of reality than most adults would assume. Ye they have no real voicing that is heard.

The campaigns must reach out to the elderly, and also listen to these people for they are wisdom walking, if one would but listen.

The campaigns must start now, must deeply unite and must now start to build an effective alternative to the current status quo, away from the middle classes, the managers, the collar and ties, the media, etc etc…. to empower those who always bear the worst of it all, and they are many… and they are good people, strong people though much burdened…

The next big protest ought to be a huge sit-down protest, a gathering of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, if no tmillions of people willing to sit and do nothing other than sit, for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year if necessary : thus a demonstration of the variance between people and POWER…… and it must include all the most deprived in our society, be extended to schools and all places where children are gathered, and be an expression of gentle, determined power.

And when those who will to violence appear, be they hotheads, police, military or agent provocateurs, they will be isolated by their actions, identifiable too, and exposed for the insecurity they truly represent.

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corneilius said...

Speaking with friends over the weekend, honest and caring people who had been at the Climate Camp in The City of London, I heard of the dreadfull experiences of being 'kettled', of being beaten with batons whilst sitting or cowering to protect oneself or others, of being beaten after a stubble or fall... of policemen simply lashing out, without warning.

The terrorising of the Climate Camp shows that the war on terror is really a war of terror, mediated according to how far or how much they can get away with. Troops and Missiles in Iraq. Police in The City of London. Police raids on Independent Grass Roots Capmpaigning 'Scocial Centers'. Misleading media commentary, that inflates the violence of a few reactive protestors and defaltes the policing tactics used.

My friends, and many people, have bruises, injuries, tears to shed, grief to explore and anger too.... and the healing will bring determination for some, focus for others and hopefully a deeper humanity for all, a wild, strong love and gratitude for life, a deeper knowing of self, and a genuine desire that those who weilded those truncheons somehow sense the futility and error of their ways, and sense too the loss of their humanity, the emotional blindness inherent in their actions. Their blindness is indeed a dark prison and airless prison.

As for those who commanded them, they are a different matter. The choices that lead to that days policing were political choices.

They are liable, criminally so, for orchestrating a breach of the peace. The police action amounted to Incitement. They are liable for many cases of ABH and GBH.

As are the media liable, for their part in the pre-event hype : incitement.

Individual officers have to make themselves accountable.

And we need to understand how we can be employing people willing to beat and brutalise others in this way, merely following orders, and with such zeal, as our 'protectors'.

Where do they find these people? Who are they?