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Permaculture and Food-Oil Dependency.

This is a great documentary on how permaculture can effectively replace current food production practices founded on agro-chemicals (the same chemicals that make explosives!) It is the story of Cuba's recovery from near collapse in the late 80s as the USSR imploded. The Cuban food production was dependent on imports from the USSR for agro-chemicals, industrial farming tools and oil.

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The effect of this on Cuba was akin to a decline in oil as a resource, a post-peak oil situation, one we are facing now.

Watch this video and be inspired, be very inspired. Growing food in communities has also other 'side effects' as people trade or exchange food and food growing tips.

In Robert Blums book "Rogue State" he writes about the United Nations and how it is controlled by the security council. That is to say controlled by China, UK, USA, USSR and France. The Nuclear Powers....

One example he gives, which is related to food, goes as follows.

The United Nations General Assembly had been hosting conferences and discussions centered on drafting a legally binding resolution determining food as a fundamental human right.

This resolution would have protected all those who live as hunter gatherers, or who live on land they grow food on as well as made it the responsibility of all governments to ensure that their populations were properly fed and had access to food.

The vast majority of the General Assembly was in favour of this draft resolution and in 1986 held a vote on the issue.

The USA and UK rejected this and veto'ed the resolution, after first offering instead their amendment which read that it was a human right to buy food. This would have allowed Governments to force people of the land, as long as they were given food aid or cash to buy foods (GMO soy, US pesticide rice, hormone laden milk and meat products etc etc).

The General Assembly decided that this was not acceptable, and ditched the entire project on food as a human right. And at the same time called for a profound change to the way the Security Council Veto works, claiming correctly that it's very presence was anti-democratic and thus runs counter to the principles and aims of the UN Charter. Which is true.

Now very few people know about this story. The world-wide mainstream media made sure it never received any attention.

Another pertinent fact is that by law, under the UN Charter, all ratifying member states have to teach their school children about the UN, about the legal status of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how the UN works. The reason being that informed people can make informed choices. Human Rights awareness was seen as a tool to thwart future totalitarian tendencies.

Very few of the Western Governments actually include this in their school curricula to the degree that students emerge from schooling with an understanding of the UN and how it works. None of those Governments who are the permanent members on the UN Security Council include these subjects as part of the school curricula.

The reason behind this failing is that people, if they knew the details, could be mobilised to make the changes required, not in the UN per se, but by electing parties or individuals to National Governments that would then make the drive to push for the changes required in the UN to make it truly democratic, and thus functional as an international legal body with the power to disarm nuclear powers and uphold human rights.

Something the UN Security Council Permanent Members wish to avoid at all costs!

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