Thursday, 23 April 2009

A school run by children, assisted by adults

Short documentary on an independent 'school' in Copenhagen, from the 70s, that explores why such a school might exist. The footage shows happy lively children and adults learning together, and the commentary reveals the thinking behind the school.

This is what all children and parents need to understand, that childrens learning is best driven by their own motivations, that children want to become competent in the world they are born into, that 'thinking alone' is a vital creative drive in all people and that democracy without this in place in all it's constituents is a farce, a soap opera that distracts attention and enables control by forces whose interests are not the same as those of most 'ordinary folk'.

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Mike said...

I like it when you look at it that way. Thanks.

DAVE BONES said...

Great post. Nice one dude