Sunday, 3 July 2016

EUref I, Remain, Leave, Bullying and Us. EUref II

Here are two videos encapsulating my insights on the EUref, and the bullying of Jeremy Corbyn by the British Media, Tory Party and those within the Labour Party who seek to undermine his, and the memberships, democratic mandate.

The EUref as it was presented and timed was 100% illegitimate and there are many reasons why. I have outlined the most fundamental in this short video.

What ought to have happened, but did not and what must happen next.

The UK government must negotiate a treaty to leave the EU.

Then that Treaty must be put before the electorate as evidence with which to compare the current situation with UK in the EU, for which we have ample evidence.

The referendum would decide whether or not the UK electorate are willing to ratify that new treaty and leave, or reject it and stay.

A referendum based on evidence rather than mere opinion.

There are other reasons.

For one thing there was no pressing need for this matter to be up for a vote.

It was imposed by a Tory leader playing political games within the Conservative party, and within wider society.

Their need to unite their party and to divide and conquer the electorate was the need to which the Referendum was addressed, and within that a desire by the far right of the Conservative to push the party as a whole even further to the right.

These are not sound reasons for any referendum of any kind.

2. The mistreatment of Jeremy Corbyn by the British Media and the Blairite NeoLiberal cuckoos in the Labour Nest.

Bullies pick on the strong in order to dominate the rest. Because the strong show the others that resistance to a bully is feasible.

Bullying is the core problem behaviour of politics.

The psychologies of the by stander and of how bullies manipulate the less strong is something we also need to look at, in ourselves and across society.

We must talk about this with honesty and clarity, based on the evidence and deal with it and excise bullying from Governance, policy making and media discourse on politics.

We must also know where we are coming from.

It is less than being about a revolution than it is a matter of recovery, a return to optimal health.

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