Friday, 1 July 2016

I wrote a poem. About Nigel Farage. You might like it.

 Nigel Farage : he is part of the Power Establishment. He is an agent provocateur.

Farage forages for rage, fettling fearage, a foul farrago, frankly feral.

Murdoch mediates misery, meticulously mouthing malice, Machiavelli.

Cameron comes on, compassionate and calculated cruelty, crafted.

Ian Duncan Smith is the hammer, and poverty the anvil.

With the vulnerable in between.


Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

Hilary Benn.
Angela Eagle.

Walking Eagles all three.


That was in the past, some said.

Andthe horror of the Iraqi people lives on today.


Back to the present predicament.


Where's the referee?

Was Corbyn Silent?

He was not!

The media silenced Corbyn.

He was clear.

Remain to reform, he said.

Paper View.

What the media opines as fact is false.


Pay per view. 

Poverty Porn, on the television - THAT had a budget!

The Independent Living Fund cut!

Free Nappies to provide independence instead!

The disabled fought back.

In wheel chairs and mobility scooters, on crutches, limping into parliament!

Who stands with them?

Who, then?


It has to be you.

It has to be me.

Not Corbyn alone.

Not that.

It has to be us.

All of us.

All hands on deck!

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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