Saturday, 30 July 2016

Dynamics of different kinds of societies in a graphic.

Som flows of societal drivers and behavioural dynamics, related to nurture, trauma, oppression. Parts of the puzzle, seeing the whole(ish).

Right click, then view on new tab, on this link to view it in large scale.

A mind map I am building looking at the two poles of Societal Behavioural Characteristics, which can be viewed as an adjunct from my previous article on those two poles of Society, and how we got here....

It is only a brief outline of the difference in dynamic between a hierachically violent society and an egalitarian empathy based society.

I intend to make it link clickable, so that each part takes the viewer to the evidence, and the data, upon which I base my thesis... in truth I am merely joining dots using the work of many superb researchers and writers, with a little bit of insight from my own experience.

It also works with this graphic ...

This outlines a flow chart of what can happen when a trauma or trauma pattern remains unresolved, or is resolved....

These are, of course, brief outlines....

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