Monday, 4 July 2016

What next? Brexit, Corbyn, Low income workers, the British Power Establishment and you.

Jeremy Corbyn has been in Governance and politics since 1974.

Nearly 42 years of experience, direct experience of the establishment in action.

He knows what he is up against.

Hence his smile.

He knows how they behave, what their insecurities are, he knows their personalities way better than any of us.

He knows their scent, their stench, their dreams, their nightmares.

He has spent time in their company, up close.

His independence and sense of autonomy is well known.

Corbyn was one of 12 Labour MPs to support Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party's call for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Iraq War.

12 Labour MPs.

Think about that, What does that mean?

The lost that vote. What does that mean?

His stance of refusing to goad or be goaded has generated massive insecurity amongst the establishment, especially since he became leader of Labour. They have no traction with him. He cannot be triggered. The shit they fling does not stick to Corbyn.

Like shit off a Corbyn's back... a new phrase. You read it here first folks.

His stance has outed the war criminals and NeoLiberal collaborators within Labour, the well dressed cuckoos in the nest.

And in spite of all that he has offered an olive branch to those who sought to undermine his leadership.

They will not take that olive branch,  and they will stoop further into the gutter to destroy him, personally and politically - and he knew this when he stood for the leadership.

They did.

Labour MPs in the Sun calling on people to join Labour to oust him.

Fair enough.

People did join the Labour Party to elect him.

The next step will be to assign the task to ISIS, the proxy army of the House of Saud. The task of removing him.

The entire weight of the establishment.  With all the resources they have at their disposal. Including our gullibility. Including our deference and timidity.

He has chosen to take them on.

He knows he has to expose them for what they are, to every UK Citizen, what ever party or side each of us occupies - he is damned strong. That takes real guts and passion, clarity of thinking, discipline. Qualities lacking in the current Labour PLP.

And he cannot do it alone, and neither can Labour as a single party, This is not a solo show, folks and we are all involved, one way or the other.

Solidarity is the key here, and remainers and leavers alike, all of whom were expertly played by the Establishment need to admit that we were played, that we fell for it....

Then we need to get a grip and start listening to each other, to understand what needs are not being met and why, and how we can help each other meet those needs. Remainers and leavers need to talk with each other, get to know each other beyond the vapid stereotypes the media presents.

We have all been played by experts. Our willingness to be angry at others who voted different, because we lost is one of our weaknesses.

We need to direct that anger and outrage at the establishment and at all bullies in our lives.

We need to master ourselves, and be true warriors of peace and dialogue, and not fall into insult or abuse or mere opinion.

Get informed. Become a knowledge base, develop policy based on the evidence, all of it, the whole. Be prepared to respond to new information, plan strategically, play tactically. Learn what these words mean in the world of power politics.

Satire is fine!

And it works much better.

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"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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