Friday, 1 July 2016

Somme : They died for Tony Blair's Freedom.

"they died for our freedoms"

The died for our freedoms. That's the claim.

They were murdered.

They were maimed, traumatised, broken.

They died for our freedoms.

It is a lie.

They were murdered. On both 'sides'.

They were murdered for the British Establishments freedom to wage war again, less than 100 years later. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria.

80 million working class low income folk have had their entire lives turned upside down, with millions dead, millions maimed, millions in refugee camps.

"They died for our freedoms!"

To honour the dead of the Somme, then Tony Blair, Anna Eagle, Jack Straw  and all of those who enabled the illegal war of aggression against the Iraqi working class people, the Libyan working class people, the Syrian working class people,  must be honestly,robustly investigated, and then arrested each and every one of them, and brought them before the courts, to account for their actions and the outcomes, in public.

We are free to do this, the evidence is clear, the law is clear.

Honour the dead of the Somme : Keep Calm and Arrest the War Criminals!

What could be more simple, more clear than that.


Immigration driving down wages - why that is a lie.

The argument that immigration from Eastern Europe into Britain was the cause of lost jobs, due to low wages they Eastern Europeans and others were paid is a classic misdirection.

It is also known as 'Gaslighting'.

1. It was the choice of the employers to pay those low wages.

2. The Eastern Europeans did not advertise themselves as cheaper labour. They did not come here and say "We will do that work for less!". They came here and took what was offered. Who offered it? And why?

3. It was the choice of the Government to accept the employers choice to make more profit by paying less on wages to vulnerable people..

The Government could have said : "Woah! No you don't!". They live here now, they get same wage as standard for that job.

They could have said, "here's the national minimum wage, and here's the standard for skilled and unskilled labour in your industry."

"No discrimination."

"No exploitation."

No. What they did was to make the situation worse. For everyone concerned, except the employers.

They created Tax Credits to insure the employers, to ensure income working class people in Britain, resident British people, could be employed at low wages, with a tax payer top up.. and the employers could make more profit.

As if it was a gift.

The they use that set up and loudly acclaim their social program.

"Look at what we are doing for YOU!"

Then they whisper into hurting people's ears, and present them with images for their eyes and they say "They take your jobs, your houses, your schools, your streets......"

And anger mounts.

And so it goes.


Is this what the dead of the Somme died for?

Exploitation of vulnerable workers, so that Industry could make more profits using cheap labour.

Do not hold the immigrants to blame for that.

Hold the employers to account. Hold the Government to account.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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