Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bullying Behaviours, Corbyn, the grass roots, the media and The Establishment.

Does any of these behaviours ring a bell, with regards to Corbyn, EUref, the abuse on all sides, the behaviour of Media and Politicians in general??

Here are some recognisable bullying traits and tactics, designed to damage, isolate, discredit and eliminate the target:

#Bullies are adept at exploiting the trust and needs of individuals, organisations and groups, for personal gain.
#Bullies react to criticism with denial, retaliation, feigned victimhood.
The #Bully grooms bystanders, and the target, to believe the target deserves the treatment they are receiving and attempts to limit contact between others and their target.

Often the #Bully will use communications that exclude the target so that there is no opportunity for them to defend themselves and present their truth.
The #Bystanders see only the Dr Jekyll side of the bully, but only the target sees the Mr/Ms Hyde side; Dr Jekyll is sweet, manipulative and charming, Mr/Ms Hyde is evil; Mr/Ms Hyde is the real person, Dr Jekyll is an act.
#Bullies exert power and control by a combination of selectively withholding information and spreading lies and disinformation, therefore everyone has a distorted picture – of only what the bully wants them to see.
The #Target finds that in any response, everything they say and do is twisted, distorted and misrepresented.
#Bullies are adept at manipulating people’s perceptions with intent to engender a negative view of the target in the minds of others – this is achieved through undermining and discrediting, including the creation of doubts and suspicions and the sharing of lies.
#Bullies use other people to further the aim of discrediting their target, creating a false impression of consensus.
#Bullies poison the atmosphere and actively poison people’s minds against the target when close to being outwitted and exposed, the bully feigns victimhood and turns the focus on themselves as previously stated – another example of manipulating people through their emotions such as guilt, sympathy, feeling sorry for the bully.

Many #Bystanders are hoodwinked by the bully’s ruses for abdicating responsibility and evading accountability, they may say, for example: “that’s all in the past”, “let’s focus on the future” , “you need to make a fresh start”, and “forgive and forget”, “you’ve got to move on”, “sticks and stones” and so on.
#Bystanders often feel cognitive dissonance and usually minimise their discomfort by reasoning to avoid any responsibility, it usually goes this way because they themselves don’t want to become targets. They may say things like: “just ignore them”, “stand up to them” , “I’ve personally never had any problems with him/her”, “Oh I never get involved in personal differences” and so on. Even worse, they may imply that you did something wrong to “attract” the bullying.
The #Bully encourages and manipulates as many bystanders as possible to lie, act dishonorably and dishonestly, withhold information and spread lies and misinformation, the bully manipulates bystanders to punish the target for alleged infractions, so the bystanders also become instruments of harassment.
Some people gain gratification (a perverse feeling of satisfaction) from seeing others in distress and thus become complicit in the bullying and a few people think that #bullying is funny.

source: Kitty Jones

Look back over the campaigns, news articles, briefings and with all of the above in mind, examine the patterns and identify the people invovled.

Learn to spot these tactics, and learn how to thwart them.

It's long past the time we dealt with the Public School Boy ethic of Power in Governance and the Corporate world.

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