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Politics is not Governance, Blame is not accountability, War never brings peace. Eagle does not fly.

Often folk make the error of conflating 'blame' and 'seeking accountability’.

Or we may equate punishment with justice.

Many equate politics with governance.

These are all quite different dynamics and it is useful to be able to distinguish between them.

Very, very pertinent, and very, very useful.

The Origins of a Foreign Policy to bomb the Iraq nation.

Oil is just one of  the mediums. Power is the issue. Psychology is the issue.

The Western Power Establishment are 100% opposed to the emergence of any independent, grass roots supported democratic Governance emerging in the Middle East because such Governments might choose to trade oil in alternative currencies and undermine the value of UK and US currencies.

Furthermore, the emergence of any Government that is truly responsive to the needs of the people is seen as an existential threat to the status quo. Rightly so.

They bully the strong, the weak they co-opt.

To that end they ignore the harms they are causing to real people.

They are emotionally blind to the truth of what the outcomes of their policy means in real human terms.

Watch this and you might get an insight into what is being done in the world of politics, and not being done in the world of Governance.

"Give me the child til age 7, and I will give you the man!"

Politics is quite separate from Governance.

I tend to make a distinction between Governance - the administration of a communities shared contributory resource (tax revenue) for the equal benefit if all citizens, and Politics, which is the strategic struggle to gain, retain, enhance and project Power over a people and protect it from any other contenders.

I think we need that distinction, and an understanding of how bullying operates and functions so that we can discern when that power play is usurping healthy Governance.

We need to be able to see when we are being deliberately triggered, misled, lied to, goaded and we need to be able to respond rather than react.

We are nowhere yet near a position of enough strength at the grass roots to fully support and protect a kinder, humane and evidence based Governance, which will face the strongest resistance from the Power Establishment. We are not there yet.

If you look at it, how much worse will your disappointment be if we elect a kinder Governance and we are unable to protect it from the Power Establishment?

Be realistic and honest.... if we can be triggered, then we are not yet ready for the shared responsibilities of power.

It's about exercising power rather than the attractions of greed.

Their violence requires great wealth to fund it. Their power is dependent upon the violence they can marshal, and upon their ability to indoctrinate their captive populations.

They use our cash, as consumers and as tax payers, to do all of this.

This is a long game we are playing out.

Hold the line, do not be too dismayed and stay engaged. Stay strong.

We pay their wages. Corporations pay their bonuses.

People who seek power over others get a hormonal cascade when they exercise that power - they are addicted to that exercise of power.

They also internalize their positions of power. It becomes personal for them.

"Le Etate C'est Moi!" or “I am the State!”

They seek to control Governance in order to ensure they can continue to accrue greater wealth, and maintain their status of power, and because Governance gives them the cover to abuse the people and get away with it. It is rigged.

Because they are bullies they  aim to inflict psychological injury more often than physical injury. Their main aim is to control, discredit, isolate and eliminate their target.

It's been like that for a while, it is NOT healthy human behaviour, it is not part of optimal human biological health, it is a pathology and it is institutionalised.

This blog on bullying and bystanders is recommended reading.

More healthy Governance, less political power struggles is all we are asking for. Is it really too much to ask for in the 21st Century?

A new Conservative Government.

Do not worry about who or what personality is appointed to what post; it makes very little difference to the realities we are facing.

The policies will be pretty much a continuation.

It makes little difference to the Syrians, the Libyans, the Iraqi's.

They are the faces of oppression, and that is all you really need to know.

Do not allow yourselves to be trolled, or enervated, or dismayed or hopeful etc by the successive announcements of who is getting what job.

Turn it all off, you can see it all complete tomorrow.

Take time out to nurture, to regain some strength, to feed your heart - cook, eat, make love, sing, write, sleep, dream and just be for one day, one evening, one night.

It will all be there tomorrow, and if you are rested, nurtured and relatively calm you will be a much better place to deal with it all.

You are not Syrian, Iraqi, Libya, Yemeni.... you are very, very fortunate to be born here, in the UK.

Use that good fortune, do not waste it.

Know who you are.

Remember who you are.

Step out of short term hope into certainty as to where your heart and mind is standing and where you are going.

Do not allow yourselves to be trolled by the mainstream media or dismayed by changes and struggles within Government, my British friends.

We are not facing anything like the depravity of Iraq, Libya, Syria.... we do have space to operate in.

Know what you are about. Stand on it. Develop your stamina. Stay the course.

War Crimes. The Law. A reality check.

1. The Laws prohibiting war were then as they are now. Nothing has changed.

2. The senior Lawyer at the Foreign Office, Elizabeth Wilmshurst quit her role in protest just before the war. She did what the sitting MP's all failed to do. She stood by the Law.

She had been at the FO since 1974. She was 100% clear that the invasion was a War of Aggression, the supreme war crime, in that it contains all other war crimes.

Her letter of resignation made this clear. ALL Cabinet level politicians had access to that advice.

"I cannot in conscience go along with advice - within the Office or to the public or Parliament - which asserts the legitimacy of military action without such a resolution, particularly since an unlawful use of force on such a scale amounts to the crime of aggression; nor can I agree with such action in circumstances which are so detrimental to the international order and the rule of law."

Elizabeth was the leading legal expert at the Foreign Office at that time.

3. ALL MP's have a duty of care and of due diligence that is inherent in their roles as MP's. as representatives of their constituencies.

Each and everyone of them had a duty to examine the Laws prohibiting war, and to understand them as they applied at the time.

Failure to do so, along with voting for the War, on such a matter where peoples lives (the troops they were sending, their families) were being put into harms way, and where the outcomes for Iraqi civilians were likely to be horrific, was negligence of the highest order.

They all had plenty of time to exercise due diligence and honour their duty of care.

They are all culpable under the Law for their actions.

Angela Eagle is 100% culpable. She cannot fly.

4. Jeremy Corbyn is 100% committed to upholding the Law, as is John McDonnell, and as are the vast majority of grass roots electorate.

That is the threat the Establishment want to neutralise.

And they will fail. They are failing. Hold steady. Stay strong.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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