Thursday, 7 July 2016

Justice in a Nurturant Society

Justice in a Nurturant Society

Justice demands that Blair and all who were party to the planning and execution of the Iraq War be made to account before the Law for their actions.

War Crimes investigations must be immediately initiated, and they must cover the entire process and institutional behaviours associated with the push towards war.

Justice demands that Ian Duncan Smith, the DWP, and all who are party to the promotion of the false and odious 'Austerity' policy that has harmed the most vulnerable people of the UK be made to account for their actions before the Law, not least Human Rights Law in the case of the disabled and other vulnerable people in our country.

The UN case must be pursued with all vigour. Human rights must prevail  over Government policy. Individuals must be held to account, in or out of Government.

Justice demands that the wounds of both Iraqi working class and British working class are dressed, and allowed to heal, and that they receive the support, respect and gratitude they deserve for the work they do. Justice demands that working class people show solidarity locally, nationally and internationally.

We must expose and de-construct the media tactics of Government, Parties and Corporations, so that all who voted, on both sides, in the EUref recognise how we have been manipulated, spun and lied to, which was all done so that Corporations maintain their power to influence and direct Governance, and thus profit from that influence at the expense of ordinary people. A correct diagnosis must prevail, in order for a positive prognosis.

Justice demands that the lie of 'Austerity' be over turned, that employers pay fair wages to UK Citizen and Immigrant alike, so that the Tax Credit's scam as a prop to the Corporate Employers can be adjusted to meet the needs of the people as opposed to the desires of profit seeking.

Brexit must expose how immigrants have been deliberately and falsely blamed for the outcome of actions taken by Government and employers alike.
Justice demands that the Ministry for Health re-instate the legal duty of care for the health of the people, as it's primary directive.

Jeremy Hunts imposition of the Junior Doctors contract must be rejected, and who ever legislated the removal of that duty of care must be held to account - that was a constitutional change beyond the remit of Government - if anything it is a matter for a referendum. 

Justice demands that taxes on massive corporate and investment banking profits match those of the workers, or that they meet in the middle. A just and fair taxation system must be the core of Government funding.

The Panama Papers issue, and all that it entails, must not be allowed to vanish off the radar. What that reveals must be brought out into the open, for all tax payers to see.

Justice demands that Governance is of the people, by the people, for the people as a shared responsibility.

The Power Inquiry must be re-visited, and it's details published at the local level, in local papers and by local councils, and in all our secondary schools, so that a wider understanding of deliberative democracy is encouraged.

Justice demands that the NeoLiberal privatisation agenda be rebutted, annulled, dissuaded, dismantled where ever it has found traction, in favour of socially nurturant policies of the people's own participation and choosing.

Power must be invested in the ordinary people, the tax paying electorate.

Justice demands that all mothers be fully supported as mothers for as long as their children need, rather than be set up as part time mothers venturing into work to pay the bills of the bankers, their mortgages and maintain house price bubbles, abandoning their children to 'care' in order to 'grow the economy'. That cannot stand.

The available evidence related to early bonding, and how disruptions to the biological mandate of early bonding creates waves and waves of chronic stress that causes harm to individuals , families, communities and to Society as a whole must inform policy in this area. Parenting must be recognised as the base of a psychologically healthy society.

Justice demands that these be done, not as revenge, or punishment, rather as a recovery of common sense and empathy in all our institutions.

These are all of one piece, all connected.

There is no unemployment in this work.

There is no end to this work.

This work is life nurturing.

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"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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