Monday, 4 July 2016

We were played about Iraq and the EUref. Admit it.

Chilcott will not indict Blair. It cannot do so. It cannot even suggest it.

For an indictment, for the ICC to act, the British Justice system has to investigate Tony Blair and about 5000 other establishment operatives in media, government,civil service, military and other positions of power and influence.

The 2001 International Criminal Court Act is the mechanism under British Law by which this can be done.

The only politicians to suggest this direction in public are Corbyn, Skinner, Galloway, Sturgeon, Salmond, Wood...... The Greens have yet to declare Iraq a War Crime and call for an investigation, an official War Crimes Investigation, a criminal investigation.

The only way to ensure that we, together, can do this is to elect a Labour/Green/SNP/Plaid Government with a solid majority.

The working class of the UK must see that the interests of the working class of Iraq are one and the same. Justice and a fair society based on consensus around the evidence.

Then and only then will a War Crimes investigation be directed by a British Government.

The only way to ensure this is for 'remainers; and 'leavers' to chat, to share, get to know each other, trying to understand each others position - we have all been played.

The leavers were lied to, the remainers voted in fear, neither side saw the illegitimacy of the EUref, let alone take a stand against it as such. That was myopia, a profound failure to understand what the people of the UK are really up against.

We must admit it. They play us because it is so easy, we make it so easy for them.

We were deliberately played by the best in the business.

Let us now help each other.

Cease the infantile bickering.

Teasing out the realities of life in the UK for the people on permanent low income, the youth unable to enter the mortgage game, the low income youth unable to afford a decent University Education that will help lift them out of poverty, the disabled whose support has been gutted, the unemployed who are being bullied every day, the immigrants who are being blamed for British employers avarice, the single mothers, who really want to be good parents, rather than good workers  - getting out of the London bubble is key to this.

Listening to each others real life problems is key to this.

Empathy for people living different lives, in different and difficult circumstances set by Government policy is key to this.

Getting real is critical to all of this.

We were played during the Iraq War, the Libyan War, the Afghan War and the Syrian War, We are being played.

We must acknowledge our vulnerability, and face it and deal with it.

Or live with the consequences.

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